My dearest Azosi

As the title says "I love you my o-li-sang" and I guess you don't need any explanation for my loving you

My sexy o-li-sang, do you know how much I am missing you even now you are so close to me.You are just in the kitchen and I am in your room

My sweetest Azosi, thought we have some age gate problems. I was born in 71 and you were in your 80s and I know it do brings difficulties somehow in our 9 years age different.However, I am still so happy happy that I can find a young and sexy boyfriend like you in my age

My pabu ah, you know I love you so much and everyday just wait for you home to feed me ice cream or together do shoppings in CBA

Anyway,My o-li-sang, we choose each other for no choice. So I know you have to stand your o-ba-sang for long long long years and I deeply feel sorry for that.Just Let's pray for each other do not die young

My dearest,you know I really hope to hear you say I take shower today once more. You know my tears will just come out and my heart will jump so fast whenever you say it

After all thousands of words can't win one word Обичам те and you do know I love you very much











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